El Charro Mexican Grill


All things food… Mexican food!

We’re sure, that a restaurant can be so much more, than just a place to dine or have a lunch at! That’s why in a few recent month we’ve expanded and-related services, which our Mexican restaurant offers… A full list goes as wide as to include the catering services, gif card to give someone a memory, any type of event you may be holding, or even making and delivering you a custom diet menu!


Semi-Private Dining

The space can be arranged and designed to suit your event – whatever the style. Our semi-private room provides an oasis of intimacy within the restaurant’s lively atmosphere.The entire restaurant is also available. We provide many options for dining with custom menus to match many budgets.



Order it and add Mexican spice to your regular business meeting! While it’s safe to say, that absolutely any kind of an occasion, festivity or a socially important event needs food and drinks to be catered



If your event planning agency or your company needs our piece of advice on running catering or food at your party, be our guests… We’ll be delighted to help you with that!, With our wide selection of various traditional Mexican dishes for catering, we are serving weddings, anniversaries, bachelor parties and basically any other entertaining kinds of events…


Healthy Menu

Though Mexican food is rarely associated with a term of a “diet food”, we’ll be glad to server  vegetarian, and  nutritious diet meals per order! With our wide selection of various traditional Mexican dishes our services have already been picked for hundreds of occasions!



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